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Located in scenic Marin County, OSKA Mill Valley offers the most current OSKA women's collection combined with outstanding customer service.

Mill Valley is known throughout the San Francisco Bay Area for its charm, natural beauty and cultural events. Surrounded by national parks and the Pacific Ocean, Mill Valley is the perfect location to experience the character and quality of the OSKA clothing brand.

OSKA Mill Valley is located at 153 Throckmorton Ave, Mill Valley, CA  94941. Phone 415-381-1144.

Open Mon-Sat 10am to 6pm and Sunday 12pm to 4pm.



In 1997 OSKA was established and the OSKA label registered as a trademark. Our high quality individual collections and their design were immediately well received.

In 2004 the Munich flagship store was the first OSKA shop that opened--located in the modern shopping arcade Fünf Höfen (Five Courtyards). In 2006, we expanded our retail presence by opening shops in London, and later in New York. Our own retail experience in select locations allows us to present the entire OSKA collection and gives us varied and immediate feedback from our customers, which we then incorporate into our new collections.

Today OSKA is an internationally well-known label for women’s garments. More than 800 wholesale customers in over 20 countries establish a firm foundation for our brand success. An exclusive presentation in OSKA shops strengthens an understanding of the label and offers the end customer a large selection of matching designs. Successful partner shop openings have taken place in Aachen, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Siegen, Nuremberg, Vienna and in Irish Newry.

OSKA production is fully inclusive. Our teams responsible for Development, Design, Production and Administration are based in our Munich,Germany headquarters. Our two Czech subsidiaries produce the majority of OSKA products. Well-trained experts uphold a high standard of quality. Our own dyeing factory gives us endless creative opportunities for developing and maintaining the individual OSKA palette of colors.

Creative independence, quality and sustainability are trademarks of the OSKA label. Long-standing labour relations with our employees and suppliers ensure valuable know-how that allows us to maintain the collection’s sophisticated statement and to continue to develop it in an innovative fashion. The management team around OSKA owner and Managing Director Helmut Bayer consists of the General Managers: Stefanie Schmitz (Design), Dagmar Rademacher (Sales), Michael Spang (Assistant to the Managing Director, Communications) and Ingo Behn (Account Management).

In 2009 the company registered consolidated profit gains of 20 million Euros. The strongest markets being Germany and England followed by the Benelux, France, Scandinavia, Switzerland and Ireland. This success has allowed OSKA continued growth in both the wholesale sector and retail sector--opening a flurry of new OSKA retail stores in 2011 and 2012 in select locations such as Paris, Montclair (NJ), Pasadena (CA), and the first OSKA Men's Shop in San Francisco (CA).